Thursday, August 9, 2007

Homeschooling with special needs!

Is their certain things that make kids fall into the category of special needs? Most people would never think of Beca as a special needs child but she has had a rough road and definitely has needs that other kids don't. After a long start which lasted about 2 yrs. Beca is finally stable on her seizure meds and can do the things most kids her age and grade do. It hasn't always been that way. When she was in Kindegarten when she began having seizures and I didn't know anyone that had an epileptic child so I was all alone in a very unfamiliar world. Beca was having hundreds of seizures a day and they progressively got worse. I remember the bad ones very clearly...the time she dropped her brother when he was a month old, the time she dumped a hot bowl of soup on herself etc.. I think the hardest part was accepting she wasn't like the other kids and needed special things to make it throughout the day. Beca has no idea when she has a seizure so she would often feel very uncomfortable and dumb. For example when she was holding a cup of koolaid at school and the next thing she knows its down the front of her shirt and the kids are laughing at her. She then knows she had a seizure and is humiliated. We took her out of school as she began to fall more and more behind. This last year about half way through she started using and it has been wonderful!
If she is sick one day then she can skip that day without falling way behind. She was probably behind a whole grade level in math and was able to learn and move at a slower pace in math but move faster in Language Arts. She has loved to log on and do her work and see her accomplishments by getting a star or a check mark as she moves along. I think it has really helped her realize that although her life is different than most kids her age she can still make it in life it just takes a little extra work.

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