Thursday, August 9, 2007

Our Preschool years

Will you send your little one to preschool this year? People seem to ask me that question all the time. It is the decision that all parents face at some point.
Doesn't playing with all the kids at the park, in the nursery on Sunday and Wednesday, going to the library and any other fun activity in the area count as plenty of socialization for a 2-4 yr old?? I just can't get over the looks I keep receiving from people when I tell them my child won't be going to preschool.
We have taught our kids so much by just being with them. We count the stairs when we go up them, we tell them what colors they are wearing, read lots of books, go to the park and just talk to them. I just really feel parents are missing that whole stage in a childs’ life and pushing their child out the door as soon as they can!
Preschool is such a fun age. She will just bring me book after book and let me read. She is a very quick learner but we still repeat a lot just to make sure she has a firm grasp on it all. I am so excited as we begin the journey of teaching her to read. I am a bit nervous because I haven’t ever had to do this age before but what a joy to teach your child things they will use for life. We have decided to do preschool at home this year along with our older children. Our other two girls are doing and love it so we have decided to let our preschooler do it too!
Time4learning allows her to move at her own pace in each individual subject and is teaching her to read, count and tons of other things. She loves the animation and it changes from day to day to keep her interested. One of my favorite parts is that she can do it independently and it tells her what part to do next whenever she finishes a certain section. You can also go to the website at all times and check their progress or go in and print of progress reports. Its definitely a keeper at our house!

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