Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Well the summer is over and the school year is upon us again. Time for everyone to be getting all the dates settled for when to start school and what curriculum to use. We have decided for this year we will be using and supplementing with A.C.E. My girls just LOVE time4learning. We have slacked off for a couple weeks to have a summer vacation but its time to get on the ball again. The great part is since the girls love to do their work on the computer they don't mind doing their work each day. That is such a huge help! We will be doing Time4learning for kindergarden, 5th grede and 7th grade. T4L is available for preschool all the way through middle school! Time4learning is great for allowing a child to advance in different subjects at different paces. It has been the best thing for our daughter who has epilepsy and has special needs. She is able to work at her speed in each subject. Our youngest daughter will using it to continue in Kindergarden and learning to read. We are very excited to get our year started and get going to

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